So 8 weeks into the new job and the world of lettings, and reality has hit. I feel I have learnt so much one minute and then on the reverse so little. I was quick to realise I have a lot of catching up to do with the other members of the team, (good job I’m a fast learner and grasp things very quickly).

The lettings industry moves so fast and when you don’t know the basics and they are changing already in a matter of weeks. already new Acts and Laws have been put into place, which I am continually being informed about and having to learn, as well as do the day to day stuff.
The Marketing plan has had a hammering this week as adverts, leaflets, landlord and tenant conversations have been many, I am now ready to take things a step further to proceed into the networking world, more classified specific adverts being placed. Talking to the oher franchisees and almost working with them through their first few weeks has been enjoyable. We all have our own individual skills and it always helps if you can share you ways with other people, which we do on a weekly group Skype where we all share what works well and not.

I like to think we give each other the confidence to go and give new stuff a go.

It;’s all very exciting, working on building a new business, I really don’t think either Dawn or my feet have touched the ground the last week or two as we have both been out and about doing valuations and viewings, but the results have been rewarding. I am now in the process of learning the next steps admin, paperwork, referencing liaising with tenants and landlords and doing all the negotiations that are required of me, to agree a let or get a new instruction.

This is where a small thing called time management plays a big part of your day and unfortunately landlords and tenants sometimes don’t understand this, but Concentric understands that landlords and tenants come first. So reality has hit, and I am now in the process of coming up with the best way to structure my day! If this is at all possible!!  but I will certainly give it ago.

In our weekly meeting I was pleasantly surprised to be nominated to receive The Customer Service award of the month for contribution to the team, this was great, its always nice to know that your hard work pays off and to feel apreciated.

So I’m on to the next concentric Marketing level now, onwards and upwards!
Thanks Concentric for a Fabulous week.

Rebecca Crowther.

Rebecca Crowther is a serial blogger, former PA and avid social media user, Joining the Concentric Wolverhampton Branch in 2012 as a Lettings Co-ordinator, Rebecca is loving bringing all of her skills together to enable the growth of this already vibrant and buzzing new branch. Rebecca is blogging here on her experiences, in her new job, the highs and the lows, the surprises and some of the stories too. Rebecca lives in Penn with her husband and 2 children. you can find more information on concentric opportunities on