Letting Agency Coach Sally Lawson Receives SECOND Highly Coveted “2 Comma Club” Award From An Marketing Organisation In USA

by | Apr 12, 2022

Sally Lawson has been a coach in the Letting Agency space for over 12 years, an industry practitioner for over 3 decades, and has just gone on to win her second 2 comma club award.

It’s not often that people can tick off being experts in two completely different fields, but Sally seems to have managed to achieve just that and has been recognised for her success across both the letting agency and marketing sectors.

As an industry expert, Sally has run multiple letting agency branches, a white label tenancy management center, and a highly visible and well-supported agency coaching company.

But her passion over the last 10 years has been marketing…

Sally says “no matter what company you run, marketing has to be your key focus, without this you don’t have a company, it can make or break you. I decided to make becoming awesome at marketing my priority, and I achieved this by learning from the best in the world. 

That’s where her connection to Russel Brunson and Click Funnels came from in 2016, she could see that Funnels were an integral part of marketing for many industries across the world and that in letting agency, it was being ignored.

After trialing many different types of funnels in her own agencies, Sally launched “Funnels” to generate leads for letting agencies in November 2019.

Sally said “The industry wasn’t sure what to make of them at first, there was a lot of skepticism, but as people started to shout about the fact they had gone from 4 leads per month to over 300, many agents started to take note!”

Over 2020, 2021 and the lockdown world we found ourselves in, they have been a godsend, and agents are reporting hundreds of leads into their businesses each month, but more excitingly being able to “choose” the type of landlord they want to attract, such as investor landlords, managed landlords, vendors, or let only landlords. You really can be that specific when utilising a funnel strategy.

Since 2016, Sally and her team have built hundreds of funnels for themselves and agents across the UK, constantly improving and tweaking them to improve the results, with leads now being generated for as low as £1.

All of this has resulted in Sally being presented with her SECOND 2 Comma Club Award from the funnel marketing organsiation themselves – ClickFunnels.

Click Funnels is a multi-million-pound organisation and they operate the software that the funnels are built within, and when a member has £1 million pounds worth of sales through one of their funnels, an award is issued…

That means that Sally has now had TWO funnels that she and the team have built that have had over £1 million in revenue through it.

Sally’s first award was in 2019, and this saw Sally on stage with the founders of Click Funnels founders Russel Brunson and Todd Dickerson, and the second award was issued in 2022, and presented to Sally on stage at her ARX Mastery event by the team that had kept the award hidden until the event (quite a moment said, Sally). There have only been 1000 2 comma club winners worldwide to date, across all industries, so this is worth a serious amount of recognition.

Sally Says “Funnels are going to transform this industry, being able to automate and systemise the lead generation for any business is revolutionary, but for letting agents that seem to be the busiest people on the planet, it is a breath of fresh air”.

Many people can build funnels, but you can count on one hand how many can build funnel AND understand the letting agency and real estate industry here in the UK, and Sally’s team ONLY build funnels for lettings and sales in the UK, so they really are quite NICHE.