Tenancy Agreement Checker

Are you aware you might have used the wrong tenancy agreement? Use this simple checker to find out whether you’re using the right tenancy agreement every time.

Rent Arrears Made Simple

Chasing arrears can be tricky ground to navigate as a landlord or agent. Download this free guide to find out how you can get your money or your property back easily.

7 Deadly Sins

Discover the 7 deadly sins that all letting agents make at first with this free guide. Gained from other 26 years experience in the industry, Sally shares with you the mistakes she’s seen time and again in new letting agencies.

10 Secrets Guide for Agents

In this Guide, Sally shares her 10 top secrets to letting agency growth and success, a must for anyone who owns a letting agency and wants to grow or are thinking of setting up a letting agency.

How to choose a great Letting Agent

Download this free guide to get the low down on how to choose a good letting agent and the key things you should consider when you try to find one.

Investing in PHS

If you’re considering investing in Property House Shares, this guide is packed full of insider tips and useful information that you may not know about.

what you need to know about twitter- a free downloadable guide

Twitter Guide

Are you using Twitter to your advantage? One of the most powerful social media platforms, Twitter can help raise your status and position you as the expert in your industry. Use this START formula to kickstart your own Twitter campaign.

Concentric Franchise Prospectus Free Download

Franchise Prospectus

Thinking about opening a letting agency but don’t want the hassle of dealing with property management? Download this prospectus to discover what it would be like to join the Concentric franchise and the perks that come along with it.

Modern Marketing for Property Agents -  a free guide

7 Strategies for Agents

Is your marketing in need of an overhaul? Download these 7 strategies that Sally used to rapidly generate leads by 1000% without increasing her advertising spend.

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