My name is Rebecca Crowther and i recently joined Dawn Bennett to work alongside her in aiding her to develop her own Concentric Letting Agency branch for Wolverhampton and Sandwell as her Lettings Co-ordinator.

Well what a whirl wind first month in my new job has been. Mind blowing and information overload all in a very positive way. Lettings, landlords, tenants, agreements and the law of the land, just a snip- it of things I have learnt on my 2 weeks initial training.

Coming from a non property/Lettings background has not been a disadvantage for me at all, in fact it’s made me even more determined to take the bull by the horns and throw my self into the world of lettings with a great amount of passion. I had the benefit of 2 weeks training with other franchisees which was a great experience, I gained new friendships, learnt lots and was fed so much information it was exciting and a bit scary!

Once the training had ceased I was rearing to go and get started which I must say the team at Concentric and the franchised network as a whole made it very easy for me. The group is welcoming and helpful, but most of all friendly and always willing to answer my questions and offer support.

I am now on week 3 of my marketing plan which I have been following to see what sort of impact I can have on the business. So far in my eyes a real big one!

I’ve been calling landlords and tenants, to contacting large organisations about their employee accommodation, to marketing days out and about. The phones have been hot lines with all these touch points for the business as well as the group Skype Calls with all the other Franchisees, Emails flying around the group as to best practice and what’s working best, Gum Tree ads and replies, Spare Room entries for the HMO’s and Right Move enquiries to deal with being some of the things that enter my day.

The offices are thriving with activity, noise, fun and laughter, (not to mention bells ringing!) but most of all the tenants and landlords of concentric are very happy. I also hope I am right in saying that this makes happy employees and I’m very glad I have joined such a motivational company!

Thanks Concentric.
R Crowther.

Rebecca Crowther is a serial blogger, former PA and avid social media user, Joining the Concentric Wolverhampton Branch in 2012 as a Lettings Co-ordinator, Rebecca is loving bringing all of her skills together to enable the growth of this already vibrant and buzzing new branch. Rebecca is blogging here on her experiences, in her new job, the highs and the lows, the surprises and some of the stories too. Rebecca lives in Penn with her husband and 2 children. you can find more information on concentric opportunities on