With 4000 ministry of defence personnel, being made redundant today and more to follow, many will be looking to find jobs in Civvy Street now.

The latest round of redundancies include the RAF and Royal Navy, but the army faces more job cuts

With unemployment already at an unhealthy level, I’m sure many will look to working for themselves, setting up in business or looking for a franchise opportunity with full business structure to support them.

Franchising has always been popular with service personnel, due to the structure and support it offers an individual when starting out and feeling part of a larger community, rather than starting a business on your own and feeling totally “out there” exposed.

Franchising offers a much higher success rate currently at 75% rather than setting up on your own with 1 in 3 businesses failing for sole traders, it shows that having a proven model and full support makes the difference.

In addition the property rental industry has in itself grown from just 7% in 1986 to 17% now and is set to grow to 21% by 2020, meaning that a Property Franchise really is an option worth considering.

The MoD wants to cut 29,000 military and 25,000 civilian posts by 2015, to plug a £38bn defence budget gap.

you can find out more about a property franchise opportunities by visiting www.ukfranchiseopportunities.info

Sally Lawson is a Leading authority on Residential Lettings and Management in th UK, Sally has ran Lettings Branches since 1990, and let over 5000 properties during that time. She has also worked as a consultant and trainer to Letting agents nationwide. Sally is actively involved with ARLA (the association of residential letting agents) as a regional representative and Media Spokesperson for the group, and runs the rapidly expanding nationwide Concentric Lettings operation and Franchised network. www.SallyLawson.co.uk