Property Management – How does a successful Management Department operate?  Running a Management Department with 1000’s of tenancies is a very busy role; therefore it is imperative that all the correct processes and procedures are in place.

Processes for each task: daily, weekly and monthly, ensuring all team members can carry out each other’s job roles and a good computerised system is the key to success.

Running weekly reports (every 7 days) to allow the arrangement of Tenancy Renewals, Safety Check appointments and Interim Visits allows tenancies to be checked upon, relevant letters to be sent to landlords and tenants, arrangements to be made and future actions to be generated for the Property Manager to act upon.

Dealing with rental arrears on a weekly basis will safeguard a low arrears percentage.  Contact should be made to tenants by all means possible and letters sent confirming actions if no payment received.  Landlords need to be updated weekly by telephone call and letter.

Guaranteeing all telephone calls and e-mails are responded to on a same day basis keeps Customer Service to a high level; therefore it is imperative that all Property Managers have their diary up to date with confirmation of all conversations and communications logged.

Maintenance – having a good bank of preferred, accredited contractors is paramount!  All contractors must be insured and accredited and copies of a details and certificates kept on file to be prompted of expiry dates.

Tenancy files must be up to date and in order and audited on a regular basis to ensure no errors.

Finally, supervisory checks must be carried out on a weekly basis to make certain all is correctly in place and any human errors are rectified immediately

Managing a property management department is an extremely complex and busy job, but with strong systems, processes, organisation and a huge dose of Customer Service focus, it can i beleive be one of the most rewarding roles to do.

Helen Deeley has worked in the property and property maintenance capacity for over 8 years, joining the Concentric/Lawson’s team in 2009.

From a history of being responsible for organisation of contractors, projects and works on factories and commercial buildings for a large corporate maintenance holding company, and then working in partnership with local council, housing department in the regenerations of housing. Here she personally handled the refurbishment of run down vacant properties in the local borough.

Since joining the Lawson’s/Concentric team, Helen has worked her way through the ranks and now enjoys managing the HUB, a collection of property management experts, property inspectors and contractors to manage all the properties throughout the UK for both companies.

Helens organisational and teaching/management skills have allowed her to excel in this role, and is now moving into the capacity of Trainer for the group.

Her wealth of experience is a great benefit to the team and our landlords and shines through in the numerous videos, blogs and articles that she writes.

Helen Deeley

Property Management Manager-Concentric Lettings