Letting Agent Goes From 450 Properties Under Management To 950 In Just 18 months

by | Jun 8, 2021

Six years into his business, Ben Quaintrell was searching desperately for a change. Although on the surface he appeared successful, he had managed to build up to 450 properties in a six-year span, he thought he was doing alright; his numbers were going up, no matter how slow.

However, Ben was working unfathomable hours, which left him stressed out and with little time to focus on other things important to him, like his young family. He wanted to keep increasing his number of properties without increasing his work, but he wasn’t sure where to start. What Ben didn’t know was that his cheap fees were not the only element hurting him.

Trouble Looming Closer

When 2018 rolled around, the tenant fee ban forbade any letting fees to be charged by letting agents and landlords to their tenants. Shocked, other agents like Ben couldn’t believe it was happening; another 25-30% out the door and, profits began to decline.

Already hardly making any profit, Ben realised that if he couldn’t make up that lost revenue somewhere else, he feared that it could’ve been his last year of business. Confused and unsure of what to do next, Ben began to look for answers online.

While perusing Linkedin, Ben found out about Agent Rainmaker, who claimed to be helping agents to INCREASE their revenue to replace the losses from the TFB and thought he had nothing left to lose. He reached out to Agent Rainmaker and thus took the first steps towards a whole world of change.

How Ben Approached Agent Rainmaker

Beginning with the one-day training event, Ben came with questions ready. He knew why he was there, talking to and putting all of his trust in strangers through his computer screen. Like so many others, Ben was ready to change his business for the better, and change it now.

Ben was looking for a way to grow his letting agency efficiently and successfully. He wanted to talk to people who have successfully grown their agencies and find out how he could do it as well. 

After the one-day event, Ben’s brain was already on fire with millions of ideas to implement. He was hungry to do more, to learn more––but where was he to start?

The next day, fueled by the motivation of Agent Rainmaker, Ben rang up local agents to set up more properties. Not only did he gain his confidence back in his business, but he also gained back confidence in himself.

Most important, though, Ben was ready to learn more. He had managed to identify one of his top problems: ignoring the guaranteed profit of competing value, better services, and higher fees.

As Ben figured out, no one is ever “done” learning in the letting agency industry; there is always another way to improve your business and your revenue. With the help of Agent Rainmaker, he was able to try something new, something different.

Putting all thoughts of “I’ve already tried everything” aside, Ben took a leap and put his business in the hands of people who could help advance his services. Asking for help and allowing someone else to take a look at his progress was exactly what he needed to do to succeed.

Armed with the techniques, learned on the Agent Rainmaker Bootcamp, Ben was determined to re-educate himself on letting agency “business optimisation” and how to improve his income and PROFIT. The strategy he particularly liked though was the “acquisition strategy”. He learned how to spot agents who were looking to sell up and open new doors to potential opportunities just through getting coffee with someone. 

As a result, Ben took his letting agency business from 450 to 950 properties under management in the next 18 months just by implementing Agent Rainmaker strategies.

Even as his business grew and he found himself needing to change his strategy to accommodate that growth, Ben was ready to adapt, Agent Rainmaker helped him to SCALE up his service and output, but also how to keep his service personal and professional.

The real big win for Ben is that he can now devote more time to his team and his landlords, all while getting his own “LIFE” back…

Of course, increasing the size of his business was the start; implementing these strategies has allowed him both to perfect his business GROWTH acumen while still being in touch with his clients.

Feeling like more of a business owner today than ever before, Ben Quaintrell is still growing and learning about his business today. Most impressive of all, he was able to turn his business and his life around in just 18 months, once he was shown a new and improved way of focusing ON his business, rather than being consumed WITHIN his business.


What We Can Learn From Ben’s Experience

Before you can see true success, you must have faith in your business and your vision. Ben shows us this. He also shows us the importance of seeking to learn every day to improve your strategy and grow your team. By choosing to take part in the ARX program, Ben is a prime example of just how much one business can change over a short period with a little help from people just like him.

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