How Business Owner John Penquet Found Freedom and Built The Life He Always Wanted

by | Aug 4, 2021

He kept wondering: will the business survive like this?

Aside from his business stress, he also had a wife to provide for; he was worried that his stagnant income wouldn’t be enough to provide for his entire family. Loading up the credit cards and using his earnings for the business instead of car payments or time off, John and his wife had to let go of the life they were previously living.

These were major risks to take, but John was ready; he wanted to be the best business owner and husband that he could be.

He knew he had to do something, but he didn’t know where to even start. With the tenancy fee ban appearing as well, John didn’t know if he could continue putting his money and faith in an unprofitable business.


When John Found Agent Rainmaker

Heartbroken and confused, John stumbled upon Agent Rainmaker’s workshop one day. Attending it with people just like him, John was able to come in with the questions he left unanswered for far too long. However, he didn’t even need to ask. Right away, Agent Rainmaker’s training answered what John was doing wrong: he failed to value his business in the way it should’ve been.

Although he feared losing his good reputation amongst his colleagues, John found the courage to increase his prices to correctly value his services. He realised that his partners didn’t value him and his business for the charity but for the experience.

By attending the Agent Rainmaker Bootcamp, John had the opportunity to completely break down his business and look at every piece individually. Breaking it down and looking at it from another angle gave John the ability to rightfully value his services.

Even though it terrified him, John was finally able to assign true value to his business and his efforts.

He increased his fees, added additional services, stopped doing all the things for free, and actually started for his time and hugely valuable experience too.


What We Can Learn from John’s Experience

Overall, John went from being on the verge of closing his business down and making a £30,000 loss to turning it around and making an £80,000 profit in just 3 months plus, building the life he always wanted in the next 6 months. Agent Rainmaker helped him to create the framework for revaluing his business and improving the efficiency of his processes.

For John, he felt like his business and his home life were saved. He began to take accountability for himself and for his team, and before his eyes, the business continued to grow.

Now attracting a higher caliber of landlords, John saw a difference in his letting agency in no time and added almost 100,000 more pounds into his revenue overall.

And he’s not stopping there: John Penquet decided to sell his now profitable business and pursue his next dream of helping landlord grow their portfolios and property empires (allowing him much more time to spend on his boat and with his family too)

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