Meet The "A" Team

Sally Lawson

The Agent Rainmaker

Sally has been a letting agency owner since 1990 with her original business being launched when she was just 18 years old, and she still owns that business today, from 1997-2002 Sally helped landlords purchase over 450 investment properties and handled over 250 property refurbishments too through her buy to let agency.

In 2010, she went on to set up a franchise operation, then a training business in 2014 and a white label management centre working for agents helping them to manage their portfolios in 2017.

That’s well over 30 years, of working in many areas of the property sector, managing to squeeze in being ARLA president between 2017-2018 too.

Her passion since 2017 has been helping agents grow their businesses, optimise their revenue, give a wider range of services to their clients, and build more profit.

Starting out with the goal to beat the ban in agents’ business, the brand Agent Rainmaker has become synonymous with agents’ success and growth and has helped hundreds of agents turn their businesses and lives around.

Since launching AR in 2017, Sally has helped over 600 agents build revenue and profit with some as much as trebling their turnover and beyond. In total, the reported revenue growth of AR members has now reached £62,000,000 in additional revenue, from adopting the AR strategies that Sally teaches.

AR clients range from small one-man bands to huge businesses turning over 17 million in revenue, no matter what the size, the strategies add revenue, profit and generate leads.

As a marketing obsessive, in 2018, Sally Launched digital marketing funnels into the industry and has now helped agents generate up to 500 leads per month into their businesses, every month consistently, for as little as £3.50 per lead.

Leads include Landlord leads, investor leads, and vendor leads, but the best bit is, whatever leads you want, you can choose, and however many you need, you decide. “it’s like turning on a tap on or off” you decide says Sally.

Sally also founded the Agent Rainmaker LIVE conference in 2018, and this has now run for 5 years, getting bigger each year, designed to be a fun event, with a 100% focus on growth and success, this event is a mecca for letting agents wanting to experience positive motivation, growth strategies and real high-value networking.

Sally is a renowned speaker and has spoken on many industry stages, across the Property industry and marketing space including the ARLA conference, the property super conference, the Guild conference, the ARLA conference, National Trust, the EMC marketing conference, 2 Comma Club coaching and Ad Con too.

Dawn Bennet

Compliance Director

Dawn has worked in the lettings industry for over 18 years, starting as an administrator, moving to a negotiator, and joining Sally’s team in 2008 as a neg.

From the start Dawn made her mark, smashing all previously known targets and hitting 30 lets per month regularly, being hungry for the sale and generating commission and revenue for the business.

This success led to Dawn stepping up quickly to lettings manager and then, Branch Manager within a few years.

In 2015 she launched her branch as a cold start in Wolverhampton and got to 120 properties under management organically, from her own will and determination.

But it was her passion for legislation that resulted in her next move, seeing Sally reconstructing the management department Dawn got stuck in and took over the re-order, coaching the team, hiring more, reconstructing the operational practices, and diving deep into the legislation and paperwork too.

The enjoyment of the coaching took Dawn to becoming our lead legal coach internally, with her strength being the real-life case studies and stories and deep understanding of the past present and current legislations that apply to agents and how to navigate them in our businesses to stay safe.

Dawn now heads up our White Label Tenancy management service and heads up a large team of tenancy managers and our group accounts department, for the operational excellence of the group of companies and the letting agents we work with.

For Agent Rainmaker Dawn is Operations Director, and one of our lead advisors and member success coaches, running pods and advisory sessions and helping members work through the programme and take their businesses to the next level.

Dawn also runs a series of legal days and compliance days throughout the year for letting agents who want to stay safe and stay ahead of the current legal issues and get their team fully aware of all they need to know to protect their clients, tenants and company.

Ali Durrant

Property Sales & Lettings Expert

Ali has been running agency branches for around 12 years of his 16 year estate agency career. He opened his first estate agency branch from a total standstill in 2012 and acquired his second just a few years later, overseeing both to maintain a healthy market share and reputation within their towns.

In the last 4 years Ali has had to embrace lettings, and therefore can now see the differences from both sides and runs a highly optimised branch offering lettings, sales, off market sales and helping investor landlords with property investment too.
As a current Director of Concentric Sales & Lettings, Wolverhampton, Ali specifically runs the front sales office of the operation where he and his team are fully focused on new business.

Jivan Bains

Events Director

Jivan is the master at anything events or AV and as a result, controls, runs, and orchestrates all of our group events. From individual training days, staff training events, branch webinars for their landlord clients, national conferences such as Agent Rainmaker LIVE, and online summits.

Joining the team in 2015 and straight out of school, he has really made a niche for himself and he controls his domain (our in-house studio) with an iron fist! (he also likes cars, so when not working can be seen polishing his high-performance Volkswagen).

Max Barnett

Digital Product Developer 

Max has been a part of the AR team since May 2021, she started her journey as a digital marketing apprentice and has now taken the role of the Digital Product Developer, working alongside an incredible, inspirational team and getting to utilise her creative abilities. 

Just some of her responsibilities include creating and managing the various content that you will see over on our website and training platforms. Building live and automated webinars, funnels, creating of promotional image designs that you will see across all our social media, as well as setting up various email campaigns.

Arun Chuhan

Digital Product Manager

Arun is a gifted whizz when it comes to anything digital. After working as a Marketing Manager for 4+ years, he decided to join Agent Rainmaker in 2023 and has quickly become an integral part of executing marketing strategies and developing innovative systems and software.

He believes in constant forward motion and is a champion for using the power of internet-based tools to help explode productivity, both in a personal and business sense.

A little known fact about Arun is that his creative work has been published in the likes of LadBible, DailyMail and Mens Health Magazine. 

Just some of her responsibilities include creating and managing the various content that you will see over on our website and training platforms. Building live and automated webinars, funnels, creating of promotional image designs that you will see across all our social media, as well as setting up various email campaigns.

Becki Hughes

Content Manager

Becki began her career in video working with ITV, Channel 4, Netflix and summer camps overseas. In 2019 she came to Agent Rainmaker with a passion for storytelling through Videography. Over the years she has created hundreds of videos for Agent Rainmaker and has since evolved her role into that of a Content Manager. Becki now manages our social media channels, video department and content for the company.

Tom Wilson


Tom is a video editor who has a passion for bringing stories to life through film. Specialising in capturing promotional content and events, he skillfully blends his technical expertise with a creative touch. Beyond the editing room, he is a true film enthusiast, drawing inspiration from the world of cinema. With an eye for detail and a love for storytelling, Tom adds a cinematic flair to every project, making him a dedicated video editor and a genuine lover of the art of film.

Rachel Hunt


Rachel joined the Argent Rainmaker team in 2023. She started her career as an apprentice as a Junior Content Producer at a Council with a passion for storytelling through video. Rachel takes care of all of our coaching videos as well as assisting the video team with all things creative.

Hollie Jones

Events Manager

Hollie started working for Agent Rainmaker in June 2023!

She has been working in events for 13 years now and has always had a passion for it…

She is the person behind the scenes for making our events run smoothly, taking care of the delegates and keeping everything on track!

She is a bright and bubbly part of the team and we would be lost without her.

Steve & Gemma Warne

AD Experts

Stephen and Gemma two of the TRUE experts in Social Media Ad marketing, working with Sally’s own businesses and some of Sally’s top clients.

Having worked alongside Sally for 3 years now, they have perfected the art of mass lead generation for a letting agency or sales business, and is the person responsible for the generation of 500+ leads to agency businesses every month.

Tosin Ogunnusi

Empowerment Coach 

UK’s Number 1 Empowerment Trainer and Executive Coach. An author of three Amazon bestselling books, “Empower Yourself with the 7 Natural Laws,” “Time To Break Free,” and the recently released, “Perform Like A Champion Every Time You Speak!”

Tosin is also the creator of the powerful and unique process called, “HYET” – (Healing Your Emotional Trail Process), which he has used to heal thousands of his clients and he has personally trained 100’s of practitioners in the process.

Tosin is a “Mindset/Empowerment” specialist, who helps medium and large size organisations with Peak Performance Training for their teams, through his dynamic team-building events.

In addition to this, he is an international multi-award winning speaker, trainer, and executive coach with a dynamic and charismatic approach.

Just some of her responsibilities include creating and managing the various content that you will see over on our website and training platforms. Building live and automated webinars, funnels, creating of promotional image designs that you will see across all our social media, as well as setting up various email campaigns.