Letting Agent adds £200k Revenue To His Business After Attending One-Day course

by | Aug 18, 2021

Like most business owners, Jack Reid once hesitated to take the next step. He knew it was the right thing to do, but he had trouble thinking beyond the “what ifs.” If he was going to take his letting agency to the next level, he was going to need some support behind him.

While the business looked as though it was ready to start turning a profit, Jack wasn’t sure if he was doing everything in his power to make sure it was done right. He didn’t want to continue building a business built to lose, but he wasn’t sure how to correct such a problem anyway.

Moreover, Jack was not sure if he was ready to push toward business expansion. Since his business was relatively successful already, Jack was worried about pulling the plugs on parts of the agency that were working well and changing things that didn’t need to be changed.

Most important of all, Jack was spending so much of his time on the business and trying its growth that he had no time for himself or his family. He worried that if he did take a break to attend to his personal needs, the business would suffer as a result.

He didn’t want to risk neglecting his agency and his staff, or losing control of it all. If it was between his suffering and the business’ suffering, he would choose his own. But he was tired of choosing that option every time. 

Jack Seeks Help

Feeling overwhelmed with so many decisions to make and so little time to make them, Jack knew he had to act fast. But who could he trust with his business? He did not want to risk putting trust in the wrong organisation.

Then, Jack stumbled upon Agent Rainmaker. He’d already lost so much potential revenue and was nervous to make any further missteps; at the same time, he could not wait for change any longer. He needed to enact that change himself.

How Agent Rainmaker Helped Jack

Back in 2019, Jack attended Agent Rainmakers one-day workshop, hoping to finally find guidance. and to cut a long story short, by simply implementing the techniques he learned on that one day of coaching, he has added £200,000 to his letting agency revenue already.

For the price he paid in attending the workshop, (£97) Jack made beyond belief additional levels of revenue. 

One of the most important factors in creating that revenue was understanding the value of his agency’s services. Jack was taught how to match the value of his and his staff’s services with the quality that, before, were very much underestimated.

Like many others, he was giving away his services for free…or too low of prices that hindered his ability to gain any revenue. After meeting with Agent Rainmaker, Jack could see how his cheap offers to clients hurt his agency.

Without him knowing, his prices placed his company and himself at risk; he knew he had to make a change. Rather than compare his prices to his competitors’, he worked out how much his services truly cost and finally began to include a profit on top of it.

In overseeing his letting agency in a new light, his business started instantaneously receiving the revenue they had missed out on for so long.

As a result, Jack gained a new understanding of what an hourly rate was worth for his company, and it made all the difference.

And he’s not stopping there.

When Jack and his business partner were ready, they found the community they needed to help their agency become more profitable with more efficiency.

They realised that taking a step back didn’t mean abandoning the business, but finding a new way to manage with a more profitable outcome. Jack and his partner worked hard to build up relationships, and they have their eyes on bigger clients for the future.

Even with the global pandemic affecting businesses around the world, Jack’s agency was still making a good profit. In fact, he continued to sell and rent properties despite the lockdown because of the Agent Rainmaker strategies he implemented and stuck to.


What We Can Learn From Jack

Attending some Letting Agency and Business Optimisation Training, Jack learned how to overview the business rather than be directly involved in the day-to-day activities; he was able to take the time to accomplish tasks that he’s been meaning to do for some time.

For example, Jack was able to clean up his whole database, increase leads, manage staff better, review reports that he hadn’t had the time to do before, and overall have a better grip on his business targets as a whole.

Jack transformed his business completely—33% growth in 12 months and that means, so can you.

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