IMG_7537Elite Room is a training and support network, especially designed for business owners, coaches and speakers from all trades and sectors. Through Elite Room’s Expert Elevator system, attendees and members learn how to utilise personal experiences and developed expertise to promote their businesses online.

Elite Room was inspired by the launch of Sally’s national lettings franchise, Concentric Sales and Lettings.

Upon realising that traditional advertising and marketing was not going to work, with the costs required to launch the campaign running into six figures, Sally embarked on looking for new ways to promote the franchise. Starting with public speaking – talking on stages across the country about her experiences in lettings – she eventually pursued further marketing opportunities on social media, and exploded the brand online.

Within 5 years, Concentric reached over 7 million people on Facebook, sent over 350,000 tweets and built up Youtube channels generating over 13 hours of view time every day. By boosting Concentric’s online presence, sales and event bookings experienced a rapid growth in turn.


On the back of Concentric’s success came many enquiries from inside and outside the industry, from budding business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to know Sally’s exact formula. Enter Neil Martin – founder of Natural Juice Junkie and lauded public speaker. Together, they launched Elite Room to answer these enquiries.

Elite Room offers a range of events focused on educating attendees on the Expert Elevator system, including one-day courses, a three-day workshop, supplementary two-day courses specifically focusing on aspects of the system and a 12-month implementation programme. These different levels give all business owners access to the techniques that saved Sally millions of pounds and contributed to the launch of four further businesses with ZERO advertising spend.



Through a series of different workshops, you’ll discover how to build your authority online and expand your social reach to turn your expertise into profit.

Our Experts

Renowned expert coaches who have built multiple businesses from scratch with zero advertising spend and will mentor you every step of the way.

What People Say

Hear from some of our attendees and members to find out how our workshops have helped them.

Expert Elevator Intensive

Expert Elevator Intensive is an explosive workshop where you’ll learn an entirely new marketing strategy for your business that will slash your advertising spend and double the number of inbound leads you get in. You’ll also start to implement everything you learn over the 3 days and go away with a refreshed marketing strategy.

Elite Room Mastermind

Elite Room Mastermind is a 12 month programme designed to elevate your status and become the expert of choice. With personal mentoring from the coaches, you’ll have access to Elite Online packed full of modules and training videos, monthly workshops on key topics and support from a community of like minded business owners.

Expert Coach

Sally Lawson is both a successful businesswomen and a property lettings professional, gaining her wealth of experience over the last 26 years as a lettings professional.

On top of this she has developed her own property portfolio and launched a franchise The Concentric Sales & Lettings group, which now helps others set up and launch their own property sales & lettings businesses all with ZERO advertising .

Sally is a best-selling author of the book “I’ve got this tenant” as well as an International Award Winning Speaker, and has spoken at super conferences nationally including, Wembley Stadium and alongside James Caan. 

Sally is mostly known also for her educational style and her extensive social media presence and now helps other agents by running courses on educating agents to improve their presence in the market in the online and social world.

Expert Coach

Having achieved a miraculous transformation from fat boy to athlete, Neil Martin (a.k.a. Natural Juice Junkie) is now recognised as a leading authority on juicing and personal transformation.

Neil’s journey to becoming the Natural Juice Junkie started when he was severely obese, taking multiple prescription medications and getting out of breath doing simple day to day things like running a bath for his children. Now, over 5.5 stone lighter and a drug free ultra marathon runner and triathlete, Neil is dedicated to helping others take control of their own health.

Neil’s experiences have been featured on various media including the BBC, the Huffington Post, Thrive Magazine and in the documentary Super Juice Me. Neil can regularly be found sharing his story to help inspire others at seminars and events throughout the UK and internationally.

For the last 2 days I’ve been on the Expert Elevator workshop and can thoroughly recommend it. Sally and Neil really know their markets and hearing about what they’ve done to identify, and then claim their niche has been truly inspirational. If you’re thinking about it just do it because for your life to change, you need to change.

Simone Whitfield

Progressive Property Network

Success story… This week my company instructed a lovely house in a prime location, and as it just so happens yesterday we agreed a let on it. Nothing too exciting I agree, but the instruction came purely of the back of a social media marketing campaign learnt at Expert Elevator, and that to me is very exciting indeed.

I researched heavily before signing up to the Expert Elevator and now I can honestly say that Sally and Neil are the most dynamic due and their content and delivery surpasses all the reviews I read and recommendations I heard. 

Thanks guys and see you soon.

Mat Weiland

CEO, Pillar Estate Agents

Went on a 3 Day intensive Expert Elevator Workshop Course, which was mind blowing, learnt so much from it, not having been to any previous workshops before, i was definitely taken out of my comfort zone, but learnt so great skills to implement in work,

Thank you, Sally, Neil & Karen and the team for such an amazing experience,

I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to be the best in their field

Uzman Ayub

Lets Rent Bristol

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