Letting Agent Uses Agent Rainmakers Xcelerator Membership To Add £250,000 To His Businesses Revenue In Just 4 Months

by | Oct 28, 2021

Like many others out there, Chris Stone felt hopeless with his business plan. Revenue wasn’t coming in, and he had to juggle the needs of many different landlords. He needed guidance, and he needed it fast.

Starting off with cheap fees and a thousand occupied units, Stone’s business was in dire need of help and support. He knew that something needed to change, especially with the prices in which he originally instituted, but he didn’t know where or how to start.

Although Chris wanted to increase his fees, he wasn’t sure how to do it without losing business or his reputation. He did, after all, already have some loyal clients at his side. Still, his current model of business simply was not sustainable. If he wanted to see further growth, he would have to adapt accordingly.

He was already in a hopeless mindset and didn’t know whether he could wait any longer for his letting agency to reboot itself. He would need to look beyond his current resources, which is exactly what he did.

Chris Finds Agent Rainmaker

One day, Chris stumbled upon Agent Rainmaker. It promised much of what he was looking for: a sound strategy of business, guidance from people with real experience, and so much more. He thought, what else could he possibly lose? He was going to try one last time to get his business sorted out. 

The more he dove into Agent Rainmaker and all of our offerings, the more Chris realised that he was exactly where he needed to be. In August, Chris joined us at Agent Rainmaker for our Legendary Bootcamp where he was guided to make a difference in his business right away. 

Not only was he learning from us, but from other letting agents just like him. Chris was able to focus on the success of his own agency by applying our strategies and the experiences of people in the same boat as himself. 

As a result of the first meeting, Chris was able to start increasing his low fees to meet the quality of his service and receive the profit he truly deserved. Starting at around an average of 7.5%, Chris soon enjoyed increases as high as 12%.


Chris Doubles Down With Agent Rainmaker

As he began to charge for all the hard work and time he put into each landlord, his profits began to show in no time at all.

Just like any business, some of his landlords decided to leave. While that worried Christ at first, he knew it would happen and that he had to accept the change. No matter how many left, he knew that the landlords who decided to stay with him were worth the loss of the others. 

In fact, the ones who decided to stay were willing to pay more and made up for any of his lost revenue. Even though he lost a few, new landlords began to roll in right before his eyes. It was an incredible opportunity that he could never have foreseen.

After noticing how much success he had already gained after some time with Agent Rainmaker, Chris knew he had to come back. After the Bootcamp, he signed up for the xcelerator program for letting agency training. 

The intense but valuable coaching sessions from our experienced professionals and business owners like Chris helped him to take a step back from his own business and really look objectively at the problems he was facing and how he could address them.

In just four months after the program, Chris and his team managed to add an additional £250k revenue to his letting agency in Just Four Months. By making a few simple changes to his business plan, he had the chance to transform his mindset and take charge of his business and those around him, once and for all.

Continued Success: Where Chris is Today

Today, Chris Stone’s business is still evolving; he has grown his staff, bringing everything he can in-house, signing multiple leases for new office spaces in Manchester and Liverpool, and finally getting paid for the results he has worked so hard to achieve.  

Still working hard to grow his robust team, Chris is excited to see what the future has in store for his letting agency, something that every agency, like your own, could have, too. 

Chris finally feels like he has his business under his control, and that’s something every business owner should be able to experience. Just as Chris was open to learning more about the letting agency industry, so should you.

If you’re a letting agency owner who is worried about the revenue coming into the business each month and scared to make the necessary changes, like Chris was, you can schedule a free call with Agent Rainmaker’s business growth experts who will give you support and guidance to transform your business. 

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