Sally Lawson is the founder of Agent Rainmaker, an organisation focusing on Letting Agency business optimisation, aiding agents to add more revenue, PROFIT and Leads to their business, whilst being able to work less (and get their life back).

This comes after being an agent for 30 years, (since 1990), a franchisor for 10 of those years, the owner of a white label property management centre and former ARLA president.

As a result of these 3 decades of experience, in 2015 Sally discovered a HUGE problem in the Lettings industry…

The problem was that Letting agents were just NOT earning enough money, were working TOO HARD, and were losing the love for their businesses. This had to change.

The national average profitability for letting agents is currently around 11%, and sits at around 97th as the most profitable industry in the UK (compared to the top 5 in the US).

This is why Agent Rainmaker was formed, with a mission for changing the industry, increasing the productivity, growth and profitability and to bring the industry together to help facilitate that change.

Sally went on a mission (and still is) learning from some of the WORLDS top businesses, on how THEY operate their businesses and make high levels of profit.

Discoveries and tests were carried out for new automated marketing strategies, tech, outsourcing, additional services, higher service levels, staff structure, team structures, business management and financial management.

After thorough testing and proving, these techniques were shared with the community, this was done via social media, Facebook groups, meetings, courses, workshops, conferences, speeches, downloads, videos, and podcasts.

The result in just a few years has been phenomenal. Thousands of agents have been helped to grow their business and increase profitability, hundreds have achieved over 100k, 250k and even 1,000,000 level of turnover growth in their businesses.

The goal was always to get the industry to be a 50% profitability model… and that is now being achieved by more and more agents.

Now that we know the model is proven and that it can be done, the word is being spread…

Now that we know the model is proven and that it can be done, the word is being spread…

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As a speaker, Sally has been called to speak on some of the top stages in the UK, including Wembley, Chelsea Football club, the Excel Arena amongst others and has spoken alongside some leading business speakers. Sally has covered topics including marketing and property agency, providing motivation and inspiration to those in business by sharing her experiences with great stage presence. Sally was honored to be awarded International Female Speaker of the Year through the PSA in 2015.

Sally has built up an expert team around her which includes professionals from property lettings and management, compliance and training, business operations, finance and event management, to ensure all of her businesses run like clockwork.